We are constantly trying to make certain our clients and injured workers’ for that matter, know what to know. It certainly doesn’t hurt to know the acronyms and abbreviations used in a workers’ compensation case. The more you know the more you are able to make the right decisions and discuss your issues with your lawyer.

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EE: Employee
Clmt’s: Claimant’s
Obj’s: Objections
Ans.: Answers
Er’s: Employer’s
Rsp/Rsp’s: Responses
Rcvd: Received
Req: Request/requested
Rogs: Interrogatories
RFP: Requests for Production of Documents
Hrng/HRNG: Hearing
Info: Information
cc: carbon copied
t/c: telephone call
pc/PC: phone call
lmw: left message with
rep/reps: represent(s) or representation
CFB: Claim Form
CIC: Change in Condition
NOR: Notice of Representation
Evid in rsp: Evidence in response
Pos stmt/stmt of pos: position statement
Depo: Deposition
Dr: Doctor
Cont: continue/continued/continuance
Med: Medical
Rec: record/records

V/M: left voicemail
NCM: Nurse Case Manager
TT: Total Temporary Benefits
PPD: Permanent Partial Disability Benefits
AWW: Average Weekly Wage
IR: Impairment Rating
Comp Rate: Compensation Rate
MMI: Maximum Medical Improvement
FCE: Functional Capacity Evaluation