Richmond Virginia attorneys may be able to help if you have suffered a knee injury while on the job. Workers’ comp cases can quickly become complicated. You may also find that your rights are being violated. If this is the case, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Common Types of Workplace Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are quite common when it comes to accidents at work. They can result from working in tight spaces, constant bending, falling, sustaining a blow to the knee or twisting the knee. The amount of damage will depend on the location of the injury in the knee and the severity.

Some of the more common types of knee injuries that can occur at work include: 

  • osteoarthritis;
  • hyperextended knee;
  • dislocation;
  • tendinitis;
  • torn cartilage (or meniscus);
  • ligament damage; and
  • fractured knee joint.

Knee injuries can also be further exacerbated from pre-existing injuries or conditions such as arthritis. However, if the condition worsens because of work-related activities, this could make you eligible to receive Virginia Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Workers Comp Cases Involving a Knee Injury

When you are filing for workers’ comp benefits, you should know what your rights as an employee are. This is where Richmond, Virginia, attorneys can help. 

One of the benefits that you could be entitled to as a result of a knee injury includes lost wages. During the time you are unable to work, while undergoing treatment and recovery, temporary partial disability benefits may be received for income replacement.

Or if your knee injury is so severe that you are not able to return to work for an extended period of time or even indefinitely, additional benefits for your disability could be available.

You may not be able to return to work if you:

  • are facing knee replacement surgery;
  • have suffered significant loss of function; or
  • are given permanent restrictions.

Benefits may be available for the cost of treating your knee injury when it can be proven that it was caused or made worse while working on the job. Some of the types of work that may lead to knee injuries or damage include:

  • construction work;
  • work involving the  lifting of heavy objects or people; and
  • work that requires the use of a ladder.

Any industry where there is heaving lifting or standing can lead to a worker turning the wrong way or twisting their knee in such a way as to cause damage. Without treatment, the pain can worsen and significantly impair function.

Treatment will be dependent on the exact type of injury and severity but could include any of the following: 

  • elevation;
  • rest;
  • ice therapy;
  • compression;
  • knee splint;
  • crutches;
  • knee immobilizer;
  • physical therapy;
  • medication for pain and/or swelling; and
  • surgery.

Recovery time could last weeks or even months. If the injury was disabling, you may not be able to return to work at all, or at least not in the exact position you once held.

What to Do If you Sustain a Knee Injury at Work

The first thing you should do when you have experienced a knee injury on the job is to inform your supervisor, manager, or employer. You will need to make sure the injury is reported and properly documented. This can be helpful later on when you are trying to demonstrate that your injury was work-related.

You should also seek immediate medical attention. Even if the pain appears to be mild, it is best to get it checked out. It could get progressively worse if not properly treated.

You may eventually be asked by your employer or their insurance carrier to see a doctor of their choosing. If you believe that the diagnosis isn’t accurate or that your injuries are being downplayed or blamed on something non-work related, you should seek legal counsel.

Be sure to contact Richmond, Virginia, attorneys who have experience in handling claims related to a work injury. These types of cases can be very difficult to prove and may take a long period of time to get through. This is why you need knowledgeable legal counsel who understands Workers’ Compensation laws and how they may impact the outcome of your case.

Contact Richmond, Virginia, Attorneys about Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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