So many injured workers call me months after a work place accident because they did not want to have to seek legal counsel, did not want to upset their employer, or some other reason. By that time, the likelihood of a mistake having been made in  the handling their workers compensation claim is high.  So, I’ve made a list of the 10 BIGGEST MISTAKES injured workers tend to make after a work place accident.  Some of these things cannot be “undone” by a lawyer so you need to know these things NOW!

Listen up folks – you may not need a lawyer right away but you have got to get some good solid information about this system and make sure YOU are aware of your RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES as the injured worker. The workers compensation system can be an unforgiving and you need to get education so you can protect your benefits.

1) They were working for an employer who does not pay for workers’
compensation insurance.

2) They failed to report the work accident immediately.shutterstock_278768735

3) They delayed, even for one day, obtaining a medical evaluation
and/or treatment.

4) They failed to complete and submit required workers compensation forms to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, separate from their claim with the workers compensation insurance company.

5) They agreed to their employer’s suggestion to overlook their injury(ies).

6) They failed to disclose previous injuries or pre-existing medical conditions.

7) They misunderstand medical care and treatment options.

8) They fail to appeal a workers compensation claims adjuster’s denial (through the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission).

9) They believe the workers compensation insurance company or adjuster will be on their side.

10) They fail to obtain a consultation with an experienced workers compensation lawyer.

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