A work-related injury lawyer in Virginia should know and advise workers hurt on the job that they have the burden of proof. This means you are required to prove your injuries, work related, were sustained by accident in the course of fulfilling your job requirements outlined by an employer before injury compensation may be awarded.

One of the most crucial factors in proving your injuries is having corroborating documentation by your treating physician The doctor needs to have as much information as possible so an accurate recommendation can be made.  

Many Workers’ Compensation claims are denied. A couple reasons why Workers’ Compensation claims are denied could be that you were injured by accident or that the injury was not relate to work conditions. 

A worker must prove an accident happened suddenly and at a specific time while performing a particular work-related task. What’s important is that you must be able to detail what, when and how the accident happened. Any injuries that occur at an unspecified time, or gradually over time, are not covered. 

You must be able to explain what caused your injury and that it was related to your working conditions. Understand the exact reason why you were injured. 

It’s important to talk honestly and specifically with your treating physician about your injuries. A work-related injury lawyer in Virginia who understands what’s necessary to prove an injury by accident and one related to working conditions may be worth contacting. 

Contact an Attorney about Your Work-Related Injury Claim

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