Misrepresenting your actual activity level is also very costly.  This can go both ways.  There are many “fake” diagnostic tests that are given to injured workers by the workers’ compensation doctors and physical therapists.  One test is called the Waddell test.  These tests try to determine if you are faking your injury.  Obviously, always give your best effort.  The opposite end of the spectrum is stating that you can do things that you actually can’t do.  Hoping and wishing is not the same as doing a physical activity consistently, every day, every week, for years. Many people who are eager to get back to work want their doctors to return them back to work full duty since they are paid more when working than when they’re under workers’ compensation and their families are suffering.  However, this can cause more serious injuries to the person.

It is important to represent your abilities accurately to your doctors and medical providers.  I recently had a client posting on Facebook: “going to Hawaii to go surfing,”   “can’t wait until I receive my million dollar settlement,” and “headed to Colorado to go snowboarding.”  Obviously, he was not doing any of these things and when asked at his hearing why he posted those things he stated it was to “pick up chicks.”  Well, he lost his case because he was either lying online or lying at his hearing and his credibility was shot.  So, another tip is to clean up your Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace page and any other social networks that you belong to and make sure you know who your “friends” are before you post anything that could be used against you.  Insurance adjustors and private investigators look at these sites regularly.