Injured Workers Law Firm Attorney Michele Lewane explains the processes for undocumented workers’ benefits and filing a claim for a workplace injury.
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Video Transcript

Many people come to me and they are undocumented workers and they’ve been seriously injured and they don’t know what to do.

They need to keep their job, they’re concerned about their legal status in, in the United States, However, they can get probably 95% of the identical benefits that if you were legally documented. So, because your undocumented worker do not be concerned, seek out advice from a workers compensation attorney you may call me or other attorneys to find out what you would be entitled to, cause you are entitled to lost wages, medical benefits and if you have a permeant loss of a body part you would also get those benefits as well.

You can get additional information as well from my website, it’s call Injured Workers, you can also order a free of charge, it’s an easy read, the book I’ve written just for injured workers called The Ultimate Guide to Workers Compensation in Virginia