Unique Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law Firm is Launched and releases a book called “Seven Deadly Sins That Can Ruin Your Workers Comp Case”. calhoon & associates donates all profits from the sale of their book to kids chance of Pennsylvania.

trusted answers, peace of mind

trusted answers, peace of mind

Quote startPower is knowledge expertly applied. It is our mission to provide injured workers that power with passion. We humbly serve the injured.Quote end

Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) July 12, 2010

It is with excitement that calhoon & associates announces the opening of a new workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability and personal injury law firm, calhoon & associates, p.c. The new law firm opened and recently began representing the injured and disabled in distinct, but related areas of law. Ronald Calhoon, Steven Spahr, Deborah Packer, and Thomas Wilken along with the rest of the superb staff are eagerly looking forward to helping the local community through their challenges. The attorneys of calhoon & associates, p.c. have dedicated over 75 years of combined legal experience providing peace of mind in all aspects of a workers’ compensation case, from the filing of a claim petition to securing a lump sum settlement.

calhoon & associates is also very proud to announce the launch of their new website at www.pa-workers-comp-lawyers.com. As part of their ongoing emphasis on client education, this site will update on a regular basis with breaking news about the firm, topical information on legal issues of the day, recent awards and settlements and an array of educational information. All are invited to visit the new site and the staff humbly request that everyone vote on whether Ron, Steve, Deb or Tom has the best video. Whoever garners the most votes will receive four free movie tickets and a popcorn voucher (Steve wanted to point out that this does not come out of the below scholarship fund).

Providing skilled legal representation to clients with workers’ compensation claims and to those already on workers’ compensation benefits is central to our law practice. calhoon & associates provides the same level of trusted commitment, case preparation and attention to detail to their Social Security and personal injury clients as well. The law firm only represent people with injuries and disabilities.

Ron Calhoon speaks succinctly to the firm philosophy: “Power is knowledge expertly applied. It is our mission to provide injured workers that power with passion. Although one attorney is responsible for counseling each client, through a collaborative team effort our clients benefit from ideas and strategies that one mind often misses. Victories are multiplied and not left on the table. We are truly blessed with the cooperative spirit of four dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys and staff under one roof with one mission to humbly serve the injured. ”

calhoon & associates is also pleased to announce that their legal team is sponsoring a college scholarship through Kids’ Chance of Pennsylvania. The calhoon & associates’ “Trusted Answers

  • Peace of Mind” scholarship will help college-bound children of workers killed or seriously injured on the job. In addition, all profits from the sale of their new book, The Seven Deadly Sins That Can Ruin Your Workers’ Compensation Case (available on our website and at www.amazon.com in a few weeks), will be donated to Kid’s Chance of Pennsylvania.

For more information about calhoon & associates, the new website, or to speak with one of their attorneys, contact the firm by calling 717.695.4722 or 1.877.291.9675 toll-free or send email to info(at)pa-workers-comp-lawyers(dot)com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Unique Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law Firm is Launched.