When you’ve been referred to a vocational rehabilitation counselor by your Workers’ Comp insurance adjuster, it’s important to find the balance between ensuring that you’re placed in “suitable” employment and ensuring that you return to work as quickly as possible. Speak with a member of a team of lawyers in Richmond, Virginia who have navigated injured employees through Workers’ Comp cases similar to your own.

Understand that the vocational rehabilitation counselor has no vested interest in finding you a job that you find fulfilling, satisfying, engaging or enriching. It’s important that you insist that the counselor assigned to you extend the due efforts to secure you “suitable” employment, but you should put all of your efforts into finding a job that fulfills the Workers’ Comp guidelines as soon as you’re able. 

Returning to work quickly is in your best interest – you’ll have more substantial income with regular employment than you’ll receive from your Workers’ Comp benefits. In addition, you want to have as much say in your employment as possible, and the more effort you put into your job search, the more likely you’ll come away with a position that’s satisfying to you. 

The counselor has no obligation to your satisfaction within a position, and if he or she suspects that you’re in any way not being complicit in your job search, then you may find yourself accused of not cooperating, which can hamper your case and jeopardize your existing benefits. 

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