When a Virginia State employee has a workers’ comp claim (all state claims are insured through Managed Care Innovations or MCI), the case can never settle because the State of Virginia never settles cases (with one rare exception). Plus, a settlement requires resignation which a Virginia State employee would not like as an option because they typically have a high wage earning job, some level of job security, and have retirement benefits that they do not want to forfeit.  

Sadly, most experienced workers’ compensation lawyers will not take a Virginia State employee’s workers’ compensation case because the truth is, they can’t make any money on the case. Injured Virginia State employees are forced to go to a hearing and then probably go through the appellate process since the State of Virginia will not resolve the matter any other way. Without a lawyer, the injured Virginia State employee will probably lose. The State of Virginia does not care if they would save money settling claims and they do not care about the risks of litigation. They prefer to go to a hearing and either completely win the case or completely lose the case. It is an extremely very bad business model and the injured Virginia State employee bears the brunt of their policy. Unfortunately, the cost of working up a file in this office is easily $5,000 per case, so we and most other experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can’t keep the lights on if we accept  Virginia State employee workers’ compensation cases.

This is the sad truth, folks. This is a political issue where the State of Virginia has made it incredibly difficult for a lawyer to help injured Virginia State employees due to the cost of litigating the claim and the financial burden this puts on injured workers and their lawyers. If Virginia were to change its policy back to settling cases, lawyers would be able to afford to accept Virginia State employee workers’ compensation cases.

Do you want to change Virginia policy? We do! Write to your local Representatives at the General Assembly and demand that this political red tape be changed. – https://virginiageneralassembly.gov

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