When employees are going through the Workers’ Compensation claim process for workplace injuries that have long-term or permanent implications such as traumatic head injuries, it’s important to make sure that the injuries and prognosis are documented accurately in order for them to be fully compensable.

Before you sign any award letters, contact a Virginia work injury lawyer who handles common workplace injuries; that way, you can have the help you need in obtaining adequate medical treatment and a fair compensation package.

The medical community does not fully understand brain injuries, and they are difficult to diagnose and treat. After your accident, you might spend quite some time at a local hospital, such as in the VCU Neurotrauma Unit, and even with the best care, physical recovery can be a rocky, bleak road.

Recovery may take more than a year, and doctors will examine a number of factors when predicting an estimated time of recovery, such as: 

  • the location of the injury;
  • overall physical condition;
  • age;
  • brain imaging scans; and
  • the Glasgow Coma Scale.

A head injury can have serious long-term implications that affect someone’s entire life, from the ability to work to daily cognitive functions. Severe workplace injuries involving head trauma can cause permanent impairment, justifying long-term or large, lump-sum benefits.

If you’re dealing with one of the common workplace injuries that entail claiming awards for future medical expenses and lost wages, consult an experienced Virginia work injury lawyer before continuing with the Workers’ Compensation claim process.

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