Check out the latest press release from highlighting Virginia workers compensation lawyer, Lorraine B. D’Angelo.  We are so happy to have Ms. D’Angelo as a team member here at Injured Workers Law Firm!


Here is a little preview from the article:

“I prefer representing the injured worker because the injured worker tends to be less knowledgeable about the workers’ compensation system and needs more help than the insurance companies, who have lawyers on call for any questions.”  – Lorraine B. D’Angelo, Esq.

Her quest to defend injured workers led seasoned attorney, Lorraine D’Angelo, to join Injured Workers Law Firm in 2014. In fact, the firm couldn’t have been a better fit for Lori, who has been practicing law for more than sixteen years, specializing in injured worker claims.

“Since Lori joined the firm it has allowed us to perform at an even higher level,” said Michele Lewane, lawyer and founder of Injured Workers Law Firm. “It’s not the amount of lawyers we have but the systems and the team we have in place. And Lori exemplifies our mission to help the injured worker, even if they don’t need to hire us.”

For Lori, who has handled extremely difficult and high-profile cases throughout her career as a defense counselor, the move to Injured Workers Law Firm is a permanent one and as a former defense attorney, Lori knows the best strategies to protect injured workers.

Click here to read the full press release and interview with Ms. D’Angelo.

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