Your initial visit to your Workers’ Compensation physician is an important one. This is where your Workers’ Compensation doctor will begin to document your work-related injury. Your Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney can advise you on how best to prepare for your first visit

Your Initial Examination

The Workers’ Compensation doctor will give you a general physical exam with a specific focus on the injuries you describe as related to your work mishap. It is important that you mention even the most minor ailments because they can become major health issues in the future.

You also may be accompanied by a nurse case manager. Be aware that a nurse case manager is working for the insurance company and may try to make light of your injuries and work restrictions. He or she may try to steer you and the doctor toward a quick end in treatment.

In Richmond, Workers’ Compensation attorneys usually recommend you request a private examination with the doctor so you can discuss your injuries, treatment and work restrictions confidentially. Get your doctor’s recommendations in writing so you have record of his medical opinion before the insurance company tries to influence his assessment. 

Call a Richmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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