Video Transcript

There are numerous benefits available to you under Virginia workers compensation.

The most important are lifetime medical benefits and lost wages.

Lifetime medical benefits means that, for as long as you live and as long as the injury and the medical condition are related to that accident, the workers comp doctor will be able to treat you and the insurance company will pay for that medical care.

Medical benefits also include reimbursement for mileage and an allowance for home modifications or durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs that may be needed.

Lost wage benefits or temporary total disability benefits are two thirds of your average weekly wage up to 500 weeks, which is about nine and one half years.

Usually this benefit ends at 500 weeks but many times you can get more than 500 weeks.

If you have a permanent loss of range of motion in your arm, a doctor can give you an impairment rating and you can receive benefits for the loss of use of your arm. There is a basic math formula that determines the amount of money you will receive for your loss of use.

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