Q: What are vocational rehabilitation benefits in a Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim after a work related accident in Virginia?

A: After a doctor has cleared you for “light duty” following a work-related accident your employer’s insurance company may propose “vocational rehabilitation.” For injury help in Virginia for accident work compensation, contact a Workers’ Comp attorney.

Vocational rehabilitation after a work-related accident is meant to accomplish 2 ends – to return the injured worker to some form of employment and to mitigate the expenses of the employer in terms of accident work compensation payments, as a result of the injury. If you need, a lawyer who has handled Workers’ Compensation cases like yours before may be able to help.

It’s important to realize that, as far as the insurance company and employer are concerned, the chief object of vocational rehabilitation is to legitimately end the distribution of disability payments by getting an injured employee back at work in some capacity.

This doesn’t mean that the employer or insurer is interested in helping you find a job that’s interesting or useful to you.

Your rehabilitation may include:

  • an evaluation of your skill set;
  • job coaching;
  • training or development; and
  • other job-related counseling or education.

Certain things will be taken into consideration when the rehabilitation provider is conducting a job search:

  • your wage level;
  • previous position; and
  • transportation should be taken into consideration.

If you’ve been injured in a work related accident and are pursuing accident work compensation, you don’t need to go it alone. Assistance is available for you in your time of crisis. For injury help in Virginia, contact a workers’ compensation attorney who will treat you with compassion and handle your case with conviction so you receive a fair amount of accident Workers’ Compensation.

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