The laws surrounding Virginia Workers’ Compensation are designed to protect employees from a work accident and hold employers accountable for their safety. 

If an employee is hurt due to a work injury, he or she is eligible to file an injury claim in order to receive compensation for medical treatment expenses and lost income. A Virginia Workers’ Compensation attorney can explain the laws in detail and assist you when filing an injury claim. 

Workers’ Compensation was introduced to provide benefits to injured employees and to keep them from filing a lawsuit against the employer. All employers with 3 or more employees are required by law to carry Virginia Workers’ Compensation insurance. 

Virginia law states that an employee can receive Workers’ Compensation coverage, no matter who was at fault for the work accident.  While fault does not matter when filing an injury claim, there are some limits. 

If an employer orders a drug test of an employee after a work accident and he or she was under the influence at the time of the accident, the claim could be denied. The same holds true if the employee intentionally harmed him or herself in order to collect benefits. 

Following a work accident, an employee should report any injuries to the employer, who is then required to report the injury claim to their insurance carrier and Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. If your employer does not report your work accident, you can file a claim directly online or via mail to inform the Commission of your work injury. 

Contact a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

The laws surrounding Virginia Workers’ Compensation claims can be very complex. When you have difficulties with your work-related injury claim, a Virginia workers’ comp attorney can bear some of the burden you’ve been placed under. To get back on your feet, whether it means getting back to work or getting the benefits you deserve, order a copy of our free book, the Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia, and contact a workers’ comp attorney at the Injured Workers Law Firm for a no-cost consultation – 877-755-7744 or 804-755-7755.