Do not disregard a whiplash injury. For the victim a whiplash injury can cause lots of suffering and life-long pain. Sudden movement of the neck, which can be rapid or slow, can cause a whiplash injury. It may come about through a road traffic accident or through contact sports. It does not really matter what caused the injury in the first place, you should never disregard it as nothing. In fact, if a third party is responsible for a whiplash injury, the victim can well claim compensation. Whiplash injury symptoms are described below:
Common symptoms of whiplash injury
a) Neck stiffness and pain
b) Headache
c) Neck swelling
d) Inability to move the neck properly
e) Tenderness in the back of the neck
Other more severe symptoms of whiplash injury
a) Pain in the lower back area
b) Muscle contractions
c) Exhausted
d) Hazy vision
e) Tinnitus
f) Sensations such as tingling, numbness and pain may be suffered in the hands and arms
g) Lightheadedness
h) Cannot swallow
i) Vertigo
After a whiplash injury, symptom such dizziness, blurred vision, headaches and problems in swallowing will only continue for a few days. The symptoms of this kind of injury can very often linger, and may not go away without proper treatment which has been prescribed by your doctor. Whiplash injury has also been reported to cause memory loss,
i) General damages
ii) Special damages

General damages for a whiplash injury will cover compensation for the pain and suffering caused to you and people close to you because of the injury. Included in the claim can be; psychological disorders such as depression, emotional pain and loss of enjoyment. Medical reports which state how the accident occurred and what possible effects it may have on your life will need to be shown if you are thinking of making a claim.
Special damage claim of a whiplash injury covers certain special losses you have had due to the injury. It includes all loss of earnings and wages you may have had during the period of treatment and also future loss of earnings you may have to endure due to the injury. Expenses such as, medical care, nursing and household requirements, incurred due to the accident will be included.