At the initial interview, the vocational rehabilitation counselor gathers information about you: your prior work history, prior work skills and education, criminal history, and your general interests. Thereafter, you generally meet at a public place such as a library or restaurant. The counselor will put a resume together for you and give you five (5) to ten (10) job leads per week. You have to apply for these jobs.

You will then follow up with your vocational counselor weekly. If there is a job interview scheduled, sometimes the counselor will attend with you. The vocational counselor will also call the potential employer after the interview to find out why you were not hired if you weren’t. The counselor then writes reports to the insurance company on your progress.

If you are late, dress poorly, have a negative attitude, do not apply to all job leads, or do something the vocational counselor does not like, he or she will put this information in their reports to the insurance adjuster indicating that he or she feels that you have been non-compliant and will recommend that your workers’ compensation wage benefits be terminated.