What documentation will I need when filing for workers compensation in Virginia?

When you’ve been injured on the job and you’re filing for Virginia workers’ compensation, you need to have certain documentation in order. While the days and weeks following an injury can be difficult, it’s important to gather and protect this vital paperwork.

Workplace injuries are damaging on so many levels and affect multiple areas of a person’s life. Their health, mental outlook, family relationships, and future earning potential may all suffer a serious blow. The documentation necessary in a Virginia workers’ compensation case is meant to show proof of the impact and damages the injury or illness caused in your life. Some of the documents are simply used to identify you and your place of employment, while others are meant to demonstrate the extent of your injuries and nature of the accident or condition causing your illness or injury.

When filing a claim after having been hurt at work you may need: 

  • medical reports;
  • the accident report you filed with your employer;
  • your employer’s contact information;
  • itemized list and proof of any other expenses like gas for trips to and from doctor’s appointments, etc; and
  • proof of your earnings.

Ask you attorney what other types of documents you’ll need when seeking compensation after being injured on the job. Your lawyer will help you understand the ins and outs of filing a claim. 

Contacting a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

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