If you have suffered an injury while on-the-job and you are disabled temporarily, you could be eligible to receive partial disability benefits. For help in understanding your rights as a worker, you should contact a Richmond Workers’ Comp attorney today.

Temporary partial disability benefits can help offset some of your lost wages when your hours are reduced because of your injury, or you are unable to perform your regular work duties. In some cases, an employee may be assigned light duty work.

The amount you are entitled to is roughly around 67% of the difference between your wages prior to the injury and the net amount you are currently receiving for performing light duty work or as a result of reduced hours.

For instance, if you were earning on average $525 per week before you were injured and are now making just $200, you would receive about 67% of the difference, which is $325. That means your temporary partial disability payment would be $216.67 per week.

While it certainly isn’t what a worker is used to receiving, it can still help provide a cushion while recovering. If you have concerns or questions concerning your benefit payment, or to learn if you are eligible to receive temporary partial disability, it would be in your best interest to consult with an attorney.

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