Sometimes folks get a little frustrated when they call an attorney’s office and can’t speak to the attorney right away, so I wanted to let you all in on the inner workings of my office and how my IWLF team operates!  I have an Intake Paralegal, Sheena, who is specially trained to help folks who are dealing with the Virginia workers compensation system and may be looking for some general information or may even be wondering if they need an attorney to help them. Everyone in my office has a highly specialized set of tasks they preform and Sheena is typically going to be one of the very first people you come into contact with when dealing with the Injured Workers Law Firm. Sheena’s role is to get all of the information from you and get it to me in a specialized format.  She does this to streamline your communication with my office, to keep you better informed, and to offer help to you when I’m not available.shutterstock_143681125

I do this for everyone’s benefit, as I run a busy practice and I can sometimes be out of the office for a day or even several days at a time. Sometimes I have several previously scheduled appointments set up and it may take some time for me to respond to messages, emails, and phone calls. As my Intake Paralegal, Sheena will help you to better understand what is going on with your situation and she can shed some light on the things the insurance carrier may not be telling you. She can also help you to identify “turning points” in your case.  Turning points are instances that might call suddenly for legal representation, whereas, before you did not need an attorney. Sheena has a direct line of communication with me and will ensure your issues are addressed. She will not give you legal advice because she is not an attorney but she can give you tons of helpful information to get things moving.

The other great benefit of injured workers talking to my Intake Paralegal is that she tracks EVERYTHING! Whenever you call and talk to Sheena, she takes detailed notes and gives me updates on the changes in your claim so, if the time should come that you do need to hire my office, I have a detailed history of what has taken place related to your claim and my staff and I can “hit the ground running” because we have all of that history and information!