1.            During the interview with the client, an attorney should obtain:


a.       Basic facts – To include the name, address, telephone number(s), social security number, marital status and dependent(s), date of birth, occupation and wages, as well as the name and address of the employer and the employer’s insurance carrier.


b.      Client’s statement of the accident – The attorney should let the client tell his story in as much detail as possible, and then with follow-up questions, make sure to obtain the date, time and place of the accident, to whom he gave notice, names and addresses of witnesses and to whom he has given any statements.


c.       Medical and vocational history – With regards to past medical conditions, the attorney should obtain any prior claims, accidents, injuries or disabilities.  With regards to vocational history, the attorney should obtain vocational skills, educational background, employment history, earnings and work experience.


d.      Current medical treatment – The attorney should obtain the names and addresses of all physicians and hospitals, dates and type of treatment and any medical advice.  Be on the look out for any permanent partial disability and whether the client is on any work restrictions.