Part of the Workers Compensation Claims process and Workers Compensation medical care is determining when you may be at maximum medical improvement.

Virginia Workers Compensation explains that Maximum Medical Improvement, also known as MMI, is when the worker’s compensation doctor has come to the determination that the injured worker is at the best they can be from a medical standpoint.

The doctor states there is nothing further that can be done for the patient. Medically, nothing more can improve the patient’s condition. This can also mean that the patient has fully recovered from the injury.

It does not mean that there will be no more medical treatment. The patient may need pain management for the rest of his/her life. It means the patient is stable medically and will not improve any further. You still have lifetime workers compensation medical benefits.

Many ask how does workers compensation work at this point. From a legal standpoint, once you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement, it triggers many events. First you will get permanent work restrictions, you will get an impairment rating and receive permanent partial disability benefits, and last, if you cannot go back to your original job, the insurance adjuster will begin vocational rehabilitation; settlement of your claim may be good at this time.

Also, this is a good time to talk to a workers comp attorney.

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