If you’ve suffered a back injury at work, you’ll need to prove that it was caused by a specific, sudden accident that occurred while you were performing a job-related task.

On your work-related back injury claim, you have to show that your injury was caused by a sudden incident; gradual injuries don’t count. You may have to work with Arlington Workers’ Comp lawyers in order to prove effective to the Workers’ Comp claim adjusters that your back injuries are legitimate.

Workers’ Comp claim adjusters will investigate carefully to see if your injury was gradual in nature or whether it can be pinpointed to a specific event.

For example, if you lift heavy boxes in a warehouse, and at the end of the day, you feel the lower back pain that is later diagnosed as a herniated disk, this would not be covered under Workers’ Compensation because it cannot be traced to a specific accident.

If, however, you were lifting boxes and as you were lifting one, you felt a pop or a sharp pain and your back went out, this would be considered a valid, work-related back injury for which you could file a claim.

It can be exceptionally tough to prove that your back injury at work was caused by an accident. This is where Arlington Workers’ Comp lawyers can be of assistance. A Workers’ Comp lawyer will investigate your accident, help you demonstrate the cause of your injuries and make sure you get the most comprehensive benefits that you’re entitled to.

Contact an Attorney about Your Work Related Injury Claim

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