The National Commission on Workers’ Compensation Act of 2011 is a bill sponsored by California Representative Joe Baca in Congress. If you were injured at work and need to file a claim, contact a workers’ compensation attorneys in Richmond, VA to protect your rights immediately.

The purpose of this bill is to establish a National Commission that will review the previous commission’s finding and recommendations as well as examine and evaluate the states’ current workers’ compensation laws to determine if they provide adequate protection to workers as well as if there are any other solutions that should be made available for medical care and payment of benefits.

In 1972, a National Commission was created to analyze workers’ comp benefits. After conducting research, they found that the states’ laws regarding workers’ compensation were unfair and inadequate. Since this time, there has not been another commission created to determine whether these benefits have evolved with the times or been changed to protect employees.

At the current time, the National Commission on Workers’ Compensation Act of 2011 bill has been introduced and referred to the committee but has not moved any further. 

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