An injury at work can cause physical and financial pain, which can be covered under worker’s compensation. But if you’re a state worker residing in Virginia, you may qualify for extra protection, even if you suffer from a non-work related disability. This program is called the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program

The following types of employees are eligible for the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program: 

  • full-time or part-time classified state employees covered under the Virginia Retirement System, the State Police Officers’ Retirement System, or the Virginia Law Officers’ Retirement System; or
  • a faculty member of any Virginia public college or university who has chosen the Virginia Retirement System plan. 

There are several types of employees who aren’t able to participate including: 

  • state employees hired before January 1, 1999 who didn’t choose the plan during the open enrollments given in 1999 and 2002;
  • employees on leave without pay;
  • teachers and administrative school employees; and
  • members of the Judicial Retirement System. 

For state employees that are eligible for these benefits, a special focus is given to rehabilitation. The program is designed to help people recover from an illness or injury to enable a safe return to work. UNUM, the insurance company that’s the third-party administrator for the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program, works with the individual, the healthcare professional, and the employer to put a transitional medical plan or a set of rehabilitation goals in action. This enables the injured worker to gradually return to normal tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, and driving. 

An employee covered under this program can also make a worker’s compensation claim, if needed. The 2 plans aren’t mutually exclusive. However, the program does offer work-related benefits, if an on-the-job injury is considered compensable under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. In these situations, the company’s Human Resources office files a claim on behalf of the employee. 

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