Workman’s comp fraud happens when an employer tries to deceive the insurance companies and other state and federal agencies about the risk of their employee’s jobs and work conditions to reduce the cost of insurance.

Many employees are often afraid to report workman’s comp fraud in fear of retribution from supervisors but if you believe your workplace is engaging in fraud regarding your work injury in Virginia you should contact a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney to learn about your legal rights and what options are available for you to take.

Types of Cases When Employer Should Report Workman’s Comp Fraud

Premium Fraud occurs when an employer tries to reduce their insurance premium costs by misrepresenting the nature of the work their employees are required to perform or the number of actual employees that are working for the company. Occupations considered high risk usually require more costly insurance.

Some employers fail to offer Workers’ Compensation at all to avoid having to pay for the insurance and instead save that money to be reinvested into the company or kept as personal profit.

Payroll fraud is also another common type and happens when an employer purposely misclassifies a full-time regular employee as an independent contractor to avoid having to offer insurance.

No matter what type of offense a company is committing, it is up to the employees to report such illegal matters if they see it happening.

When Your Employer is Committing Workman’s Comp Fraud

If you believe your employer is trying to avoid paying you for your work injury in Virginia, report it. You first call should be to a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney who can not only help you recover the payment and benefits you deserve for your injuries while on the job but will also help you seek the proper authorities.

Workman’s comp fraud is an illegal practice of denying employees their required legal benefits by deceiving insurance companies or failing to offer any insurance at all. It is important to report workman’s comp fraud if you witness it happening in order to protect your rights and the rights of your fellow workers. A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you if your workplace is refusing to cover your work injury in Virginia.

Signs that Your Employer May be Committing Workman’s Comp Fraud 

The following are some signs you can look for if you believe your employer is committing fraud in your workplace: 

  • paying employees in cash without providing a pay stub;
  • no benefits are offered at all or your employer tells you that you are not eligible;
  • asking or requiring you to work longer hours than you report on a timecard; and
  • issuing you a 1099 instead of a W-2 form. 

How do I report Workman’s Comp Fraud?

If you have suffered from a work injury in Virginia and your employer is not offering you legal insurance benefits through Workers’ Compensation this is considered fraud. A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you file a fraud claim and take legal action against the workplace in violation.  There are different methods of reporting fraud in each state and within  different industries. An experienced attorney will know the best avenue to report workman’s comp fraud.

You deserve to be compensated appropriately when you are involved in a work injury in Virginia. Do not let your employer take advantage of you by committing fraud. Let a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney guide you through your options for legal action after you report workman’s comp fraud.

Contact an Attorney about Your Work Related Injury Claim

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