When you’ve been injured on the job, you may receive a disability rating that restricts you from being able to return to your work, and in such Workers’ Comp cases, you will likely be assigned a vocational rehabilitation counselor whose main function is to find you suitable employment so that you can get back to work, although not the type of work that you did before. In such cases, it’s advisable to speak with an attorney from a group of work injury lawyers in Richmond, Virginia who will protect your rights throughout the process. 

This kind of legal protection will smooth the process for you, as an injured worker. The main objective of this rehabilitation is to get you a job as quickly as possible so that the insurance company can cut off your Workers’ Comp benefits, because as long as you are out of work, the insurance provider must continue to compensate you.

As a result, these situations often lead to a great deal of conflict between injured workers and Workers’ Comp insurance companies. The best way to mitigate this conflict and to retain the upper hand is to speak with an attorney who will represent you throughout the course of your case.

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