Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help to clarify any confusion regarding the Workers’ Comp process. Ensure that you hire a reputable Workers’ Comp lawyer when searching for legal representation.

There are many rumors regarding who pays benefits when an employee is injured on the job. While some believe that the government is responsible for making the payments, the truth is that, depending on the state, the employer    contributes to paying the benefits in several different ways. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In many states, employers can purchase Workers’ Comp insurance through various insurance companies. When an employee files a work injury claim, it will go through this insurance company that will then pay your benefits. 


If your employer’s assets are large enough, they may be able to cover any Workers’ Comp benefits. Many companies that choose the self-insurance option work with a third party that is responsible for handling the claims, paperwork, and payment of benefits. 

State-Run Insurance

Some states have Workers’ Comp programs or insurance that companies can pay into. If you are injured, and your employer participates in a state-run insurance program, your benefits will be paid out by the state department.

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