Why can’t I get pain and suffering for my work injury!
Workers’ compensation is “no fault.”  So it doesn’t matter whose fault it is.  If you’re injured, you get only certain benefits through the employer‘s workers’ compensation carrier and there’s no pain and suffering.
You can’t sue your employer for any fault or sue them for millions.  It’s not like filing a personal injury claim.  You only have specific benefits and there’s no compensation for pain and suffering, only specific benefits.  (e.g. no compensation for losing your house, or if you become homeless, if you lose your car, if your wife/husband decides to leave you because of the stress, if you have to move because you couldn’t afford where you live, your quality of life is diminished because you can’t do the things you loved to do before you were injured)
In our hundreds of cases that we have dealed with there is always a lot of pain and suffering. People are in a position thet have not experienced. It is very said situation. Our team of experts realize the difficult times our clients are going through.