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Why did Workers’ Compensation laws come into existence?

Workers’ Compensation laws came into existence because there was a time in which employees had little rights. As a result, if workers were injured during the scope of their work, they had no recourse for compensation. Today, injured workers may file a claim and may seek assistance from a work injury attorney in Richmond.

Additionally, there were few safety standards in place. This made certain industries especially hazardous, such as factory work. Disabling injuries and deaths were common before the passing of these laws.

If a worker became disabled, they had no way to provide for their families. With no income coming in, and having to pay medical bills, it resulted in a huge financial burden.

In 1908, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act was signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt. This provided compensation for railroad workers who suffered work-related injuries.

Still, the states struggled to pass Workers’ Comp laws. One of the key turning points was the tragic fire that occurred in a New York City garment factory on March 25, 1911. It caused the deaths of 146 workers, mostly women, who suffered asphyxiation, burns, or jumped from the building because the doors were locked.

One-by-one, states began to pass laws protecting the rights of injured workers and paving the way for safer working environments. Over time, these laws have improved. 

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