Why an Attorney for the Insurance Company
Says Going Up Against an Inexperienced
Attorney is Like “Shooting Fish in a
These same inexperienced
lawyers believe that on the morning
of trial the insurance company will
suddenly come to its senses and
realize that the case is worth three
times what it previously offered.
These are the same lawyers who,
shortly after they file suit, believe that
the judge spends every waking minute
reading the file on “our case.”
The experienced lawyers with
whom I have dealt in the past spend
more on the essential issues and less
time on issues that make little
difference. In other words, they get to
the point, we get the job done, and we
either settle the case, or get it tried,
and they understand that.
The good lawyers are fun to work
with before you get to court. Once you
get to court, they know what they are
doing and, while it is more pleasant to
try a case, it’s not as much fun
because they are good. With the
inexperienced lawyers, it’s no fun at all
getting a case ready for trial, but once
you get in the courtroom and they read
all of the questions on voir dire, it’s
sometimes like shooting fish in a