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WHY USE A SPECIALIST WHEN YOUR HAND IS INJURED? By Dr. Stephen J. Leibovic M.D. Virginia Hand Center

We often don’t realize how important our hands are until they are injured. Whether you are an office worker, plumber, carpenter or machinist, you depend on your hands and arms to earn a livelihood. Our hands are incredibly important in our communications with others – just imagine expressing your agreement or disagreement with the latest political controversy without waving your hands! We shake hands when we greet, we embrace others with our hands and arms, and our body language is expressed with our hands.

Hand and arm injury is common in the workplace, second only to back injuries. At Virginia Hand Center we devote our careers to restoring function to those with hand injury or disease. The hand has some of the most complex functional anatomy in the body; it allows us to have incredibly fine dexterity while at the same time allowing forceful actions requiring strength. Restoration of appearance and function after sometimes devastating hand injury gives all our staff great satisfaction. When we see a carpenter return to work after serious injury with his power tools, everyone involved feels great pride. Helping workers return to productive occupations, so that they can support themselves and their families, is what we strive for.

A qualified hand surgeon is trained specifically to diagnose and treat all problems related to all structures in the hand, elbow and arm. The hand and arm are made up of bone, joints, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, tendons and muscles. A surgeon with specialized training in hand surgery is most qualified to care for injured extremities. The majority of hand surgeons started with training in general orthopedics where we took care of orthopedic injury to the whole body. By further specializing in hand and upper extremity surgery we are able to provide the most focused and technologically advanced care available.

At Virginia Hand Center we have a team of professionals, from our office staff who can help with return to work issues and paperwork, to our medical assistants and X-ray technologists, our dedicated staff of hand therapists, and our physician staff. We are all committed to improving function in the hands and arms of injured patients. With a large population of workers who were injured on the job, we know what it takes to help patients navigate through the Workers’ Compensation system. We aim to return workers to productive employment and productive lives.


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