Many folks who experience a work injury on the job are in pain.  Sadly, this can often be for long periods of time.  As you may know, the workers’ compensation system is a slow process. Often, a person who is in constant pain can also suffer from high blood pressure and this can complicate the situation both medically and legally for the injured worker.

When a work injury leads to high blood pressure, the doctor may refuse to do necessary treatments (injections or possibly surgery) for the injured worker until the blood pressure is returned to normal levels because of risks the particular treatment may have to the health of the injured person. Now the injured worker has to have their high blood pressure addressed before they can receive the treatment and they need to put an end to the pain that the work injury caused.workers' compensation virginia work injure nurse wearing white

  • What if the doctor says the high blood pressure was caused by the work injury?
  • What if the doctor won’t say that the elevated blood pressure is due to the pain the injured worker is experiencing?
  • What if the injured worker had a history of high blood pressure prior to the work injury?
  • What if the injured worker has no history of high blood pressure?
  • What if the insurance company stops the injured worker’s benefits because the doctor can’t treat their work injuries due to the high blood pressure?

These are complicated legal questions and there is no “one size fits all” answer. If you have a situation similar to this, you need to seek help from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney so you can get guidance based on your particular situation.

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