Getting hurt on the job and disabled is a horrible situation to be in. You may have gone to college, trained for your job and made many sacrifices to be what you are. Then you can no longer perform, due to the debilitating injury. The emotional and physical injury of this type can be devastating.

Below are some of the most common workplace injuries that happen every day that can cause life changing disabilities.

Trying to do something beyond your limits
This can occur when a person tries to lift something that is heavier than they can carry, which can result in serious and debilitating back injuries.

Falling From A  Ladder, roof, stairs
This can occur in many different job situations, whether it’s falling from a ladder in a warehouse, falling from a roof, or even falling down stairs. This situation is one of the most common and can cause all different kinds of serious injuries.

Extreme Temperatures
Whether the problem is frostbite from extreme cold or a burn from extreme heat, problems with injuries from extreme temperatures happen every day, causing severe injuries.

Motor Cycle, Auto Accident
Many jobs require the use of a car or truck for transportation or delivery. People who are required to drive while on the job face the same risks that the rest of us face while driving, but the odds for accident or mishap increase because of the increased time spent on the road.