Injured Workers Law Firm lawyer answers the question, Do I need a lawyer to get my Workers’ Compensation benefits in Virginia? <br> <a href=””>Watch This Video on</a>

Video Transcript

Injured workers call my office all the time and we help them identify what state of the process they are in, the steps they need to take and if legal representation would be necessary.

You don’t always need a lawyer to get your workers’ compensation benefits, a lot of injured workers get them on their own; however, there are so many specific rules, exceptions, and exceptions to those exceptions, that you definitely need to speak to an attorney to make sure that you’re on the right track and understand what’s going on in your particular case.

The insurance company is always looking for a way to start denying your claim so you want to talk to a workers compensation law firm to make sure that doesn’t happen and what to look out for to prevent future problems.

In some cases, you probably should hire a lawyer.

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