mediationIn Virginia, workers’ compensation disputes can be resolved in a few different ways.  Injured workers can take a settlement, come to an agreement with the insurance company (an Award Order or Stipulated Order), go to a hearing before a Deputy Commissioner, or go to mediation to resolve the matter.

Here are 4 reasons why mediation might be a good idea:

1)    Cost – Mediation is FREE!  There is no charge from the Commission for an issue to be brought to mediation.

2)    Disclosure – During mediation, the parties and the Mediator (a Deputy Commissioner) will have the opportunity to examine the arguments and supporting evidence from both parties. It is usually set for three hours so both sides get to say everything that they want (unlike a hearing). Everything that is said at mediation is confidential and cannot be used against the person at a hearing.

3)    Settlement – If both parties can come to an agreement, a settlement can be hammered out between them while at the mediation.

4)    Hearing – If the mediation does not resolve the issues in dispute or the parties cannot come to an agreement, the claim can still be set for a formal hearing before a Deputy Commissioner.

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