workers compensation virginiaFolks often have the misconception that if they file a workers compensation claim after they’ve had a work injury that they are somehow suing their employer. This is not the case.  Workers compensation is not a lawsuit.

It is similar to life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, etc.  I like to use the example of car insurance. You and I pay money each month to our car insurance company so, if there is an accident, our car insurance company is there to step in and deal with repairs, medical bills, and other damages. Workers compensation works kind of the same way.  Your employer pays money each month to their workers compensation insurance company so that, if an employee is hurt at work, the insurance company can step in and deal with medical expenses and lost wage benefits. You are NOT suing your employer by filing a workers compensation claim. You are filing a claim with their workers compensation insurance company. It is the insurance company’s money that pays you. It is the insurance company that accepts or denies your claim.

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