The Ultimate Guide to Workers Compensation in Virginia by Michele Lewane

Video Transcript

I wanted to share with you the reason I wrote the Ultimate Guide to Workers Compensation in Virginia.

I wrote the book because I’ve been handling workers compensation cases for over 25 years and, throughout that time, I have seen so many people being taken advantage of and not getting the benefits they deserve. I realized that I can’t help everyone but I could let people know their rights and obligations when they are hurt on the job.

The book helps people to determine if they have a case or not.  It also helps them get on their way if they don’t need a lawyer to kind of know the general pitfalls they may encounter.

I wanted to give injured workers a resource to educate them on the system and help them to make good choices to protect their benefits.

This book helps me with my mission to help all injured workers. If I can educate injured workers on how a claim is filed and handled, then they will know how to address any pitfalls that may happen within the process.

This book is free and can be requested by calling my office at (804)755-7755 or ordering online at