Now-a-days, many people opt for using a P.O. Box to receive their mail. Also, you may be moving around a lot and have your mail sent to a family member’s home. Sounds harmless, right?shutterstock_118081276

WRONG! For those of you collecting a lost wage check from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, having your check mailed to a place where you do not reside can be a nightmare. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and the workers’ compensation insurance company must have your legal physical residence address (to serve you documents, to have a private investigator watch you, etc.).

If an injured worker has his or her lost wage check mailed to a place they do not live, the insurance carrier could possibly claim an act of fraud and use this as an excuse to stop benefits. Yes, you can try disprove this later at a hearing but it takes time and money to get to a hearing and a decision from the Commission; plus, there are no guarantees.  It is much easier to just avoid this situation altogether. ALWAYS have your lost wage check sent to your PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS.

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Michele Lewane, Esq.