Injured Workers Law Firm now has an office staffed with Fairfax Workers Compensation Attorneys. If you’ve suffered an injury at work contact our Fairfax office today for a free consultation of your legal rights.

Injured Workers Law Firm
3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 250-B
Fairfax, VA 22033

It has been over a decade since Michele Lewane and the Injured Workers Law Firm opened its offices in the Richmond. Ever since then they have continued to be advocates for injured workers across the state of Virginia.

Workers Compensation Attorneys

On September 20, 2018, Ben Glass founder of Ben Glass Law and Michele Lewane founder of Injured Workers Law Firm entered into joint venture and of counsel arrangement The venture was set up to allow Injured Workers Law Firm, and attorney Andrew Sassoon, to have physical office in North Virginia inside Ben Glass’s new Fairfax Virginia location at 3998 Fair Ridge Drive in the Reichert Realty building to meet the growing demands of our Northern Virginia clients.

Ben Glass and Michele Lewane have had a long term professional relationship since shortly after Michele Lewane founded Injured Workers Law Firm when she joined Great Legal Marketing, Ben’s other successful business that helps attorneys like Michele offer excellent customer service with an emphasis on educating the prospective client to make the right decision on who they may want to hire as their lawyer. This approach has allowed both Ben’s and Michele’s law firms to thrive and give the client what they truly want and need.

“Ben’s team operates and thinks as we do. What sets us apart from other law firms is that we are very careful to provide people with knowledge of the law so they can make the best decision for themselves. Many times injured workers just need guidance getting their rightful benefits. Worker’s Compensation law in Virginia is a broken confusing system,” says Michele. “That’s why I wrote my book the Ultimate Guide to Workers Compensation in Virginia. It’s been revised five times since I first wrote the original book. We send it out to anyone who raises their hand- for FREE. The more educated injured workers are, the better they can deal with the insurance carrier which is not a small task”.

Ben Glass Law will benefit from having a workers’ compensation attorney available for consult and Injured Workers’ Law Firm will benefit from having a presence in Northern Virginia and able to better serve their Northern Virginia clients.  Both law firms also wish to train and mentor young lawyers in the business of the practice of law.  What a great win-win for everyone involved!