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If you were injured at work in Virginia, our Virginia workers’ compensation lawyers can help!

If you were injured on the job in Virginia, you will likely have a flood of emotions. We understand that you are probably feeling confused, anxious, and you may be in a lot of pain. You may not even know if you are a viable claimant for workers’ compensation in Virginia.

The Virginia workers’ compensation lawyers at Injured Workers’ Law Firm represent every day workers — people like you — throughout the state of Virginia who have experienced serious injuries in Virginia, and we are prepared to answer each and every one of your questions thoughtfully.

We do not represent the insurance company.  We represent people like you.

Our goal is to help the workers’ compensation claimant—you—get medical treatment for your injuries and a fair and comprehensive financial award to get you back on your feet.
Each job injury is unique and requires a proper time to heal. You should not feel rushed back to work. We can try to make sure you are not put on light or full duty until you are healed completely.

Contact US before talking to the insurance company.

Keep in mind that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company does not have your best interests in mind. They want to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. You need someone looking out for your interests.

Call us or fill out our contact us form today to set up a free initial consultation. Your claim must be reported to your employer within thirty days of your injury and filed with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission within two years for you to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.