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The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Blog is your online resource when you are injured on the job in Virginia. Our updated information will help you get the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

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What is a Medicare Set aside?

A Medicare Set Aside, also known as a MSA, is the amount of money it is estimated will be required to protect Medicare’s interest in the future. This amount is determined by a company who specializes in preparing Medicare Set Aside proposals, typically hired by the workers’ compensation carrier. The company [...]

What happens when the doctor says I am at maximum medical improvement?

Once you reach Maximum medical improvement ,your doctor will likely recommend a FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) to establish permanent restrictions. Sometimes, the permanent restrictions can mean a change in employment status. Some employers will be willing to accommodate temporary restrictions on a short-term basis. However, the employer may not be equally willing to find [...]

What documentation will I need when filing a workers’ compensation claim?

When you’ve been injured on the job in Virginia and you are filing for workers’ compensation benefits, different documentation will be needed at different times. While the days and weeks following an injury can be difficult, it’s important to gather and protect this vital paperwork as you receive it. Some of [...]

What are job re-training and vocational rehabilitation benefits?

If an injured worker is under an award and is able to work in some capacity, but is not able to return to his or her pre-injury job, then the workers’ compensation insurance company may assign a vocational rehabilitation counselor to assist the injured worker in finding a job. It is [...]

Should I talk to my physician about my work restrictions?

Put briefly, you should always speak to your doctor about work restrictions, if it’s at all possible. You should inquire with your doctor about his or her opinion on your ability to return to work with restrictions, what those restrictions should be, what your functional capacity is for sustained labor, and [...]